Why Compost?

What is compost?
Compost is organic material and should be treated as such! Compost is not garbage. Compost can be integrated back into the ecosystem as nutrient rich soil - it is an important ingredient for growing happy and healthy plants!

Why Compost?
Compost is an integral way to contribute to a sustainable community. Keeping compostable material out of the landfill allows the organic waste to breakdown as nature intended. Composting will lower your carbon footprint and decrease the odours and amount of trash in your household.

What do you do with your food waste?
Your compostable food waste takes a full circle journey here in Kamloops. Friendly Composting has collaborated with Holmwood Farm, a local sustainable ranch in Barnhartvale. It is here that your contributions as a Friendly Composter will be integrated back into the ecosystem.


Compost Quick Facts 

Reduces daily household garbage by 30-50%
Reduces your carbon footprint
Decreases your impact on local landfills
Reduces odours from your garbage
Reduces the amount you need to take your garbage out
Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
Supports local agriculture

What can/can’t I compost?

Compostable: fruit and veggies, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, egg shells, nut shells, dryer lint, house plants, fresh cut flowers, paper towels, napkins, newspaper, bread, and rice

NOT Compostable: meat and bones, dairy products, fats, oils, grease, pet waste, pet hair, plastic, produce stickers

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